Artist: Sob & The Czyks Album: A Soulful Journey – Vol. I Genre: Traditional Jazz

Everything is slightly tougher in 2020, the year of Corona – but the band stands firm 4 weeks before the
recordings begin. SOB has been performing with the CYKS for many years now – except with Andreas
Dombert: He and SOB lived in a shared apartment for six years though, but never joined in making music.
Neither did the other CZYKS ever perform together on stage or in a studio but as „band in a band“. After six
months without any concerts due to the pandemic all of them were overjoyed to be able to make music
together again.

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Andreas Sobczyk, p

Denise Gordon, voc

Andreas Dombert, g

Stephan Holstein, cl, as, ts

Malo Mazurié, t

Karol Hodas, db

Peter Müller, d

„A Soulful Journey“ was also intended to be released as LP. On his search for a suitable studio in Switzerland equipped for analog recordings the producer found Powerplay Studios in Maur near Zurich where renown stars such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Lady Gaga or Yello already had produced albums that were awarded golden and platin records. But could they also record accoustic Jazz? Yes, they could! At the end of July a threesome of bandleader, producer and soundengeneer (for many years it is Andi Wingert who Sobczyk trusts when it comes to good sound) meet in Maur. They are impressed: by the famous names, by the splendid technical equipment and the vast variety of microphones. They decide to produce the album on the big SSL mixing console and record analog on 24 tracks. Then, just in a knick of time before they leave again, one of them is attracted by a door signed: Neve Room. Hidden behind that door they find two legends: a 1972 Neve mixing console and a 1962 Studer C37. The absolutely unique sound of Neve consoles is characteristic for the sound of the 70ies and 80ies and can be experienced on thousands and thousands of LPs. The nearly 60 year old C37 – the last Studer using tube electronic – is regarded one of the recorders with the best sound even as of today.
Temptation rises…we could…shall we… Why don ́t we record live to 2-track, like the great Blue Note, Verve or Riverside used to? Very old school – directly: mixing console to audiotape? It was inevitable: Soulful Journey was produced live to 2-track. Without safety net and without any chance to correct mistakes. Hold on, Jazzmusicians do not make mistakes – they only have their own way of interpretation..
It took nearly 13 kilometers of audiotape to make 13 songs vibe along the tape heads at a cruisin ́ speed of 38cm/s.
Soulful Journey was meant to sound as warm, cosy and naturally on LP as on CD, that’s why we agreed on using the vinyl-mastertape for either of them.